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Flue Gas Analyser (FGA) Service and Calibration Frequently Asked Questions


Can I still get my Sprint V analyser calibrated?

We can no longer support the Sprint V range as the spares are now obsolete; and would therefore recommend replacing the unit with a new Sprint Pro range model.  We would be happy to advise which model may best suit your requirements. We can also offer a loyalty discount as an existing valued Anton customer.  Please fill in this form and we'll get in touch

Please read the full details by clicking here

Why do analysers need an annual calibration?

Your FGA is used to set up various appliances in your customer's homes and work places. If these appliances are not set up correctly they will not be operating at their most fuel efficient, or worse still they could be producing high concentrations of potentially lethal carbon monoxide gas. The annual calibration of your FGA ensures that the tool you use to do this important safety critical job is as accurate as possible, so that the appliances you install and service are left running efficiently and safely. The British Standards BS7967 and BS EN:50379 call for your flue gas analyser to be in calibration when used, the HHIC state in their guidance on using an FGA for the commissioning of newly installed appliances that this work should only be done with an analyser with an up to date calibration status. Ask your Gas Safe Register Inspector if it's okay to use an FGA outside of calibration and guess what he or she will tell you?! In short you should not be using an FGA without an in-date calibration certificate. If caught you may need to revisit all your jobs where you've used it outside it's calibration date; your Gas Safe Register registration may be at risk (Inspectors will expect you to be able to demonstrate you’re using an in date calibrated instrument), or worse than all of that should an out of date flue gas analyser be found to have been used on an appliance that is the subject of an incident investigation, then the penalties and consequences could be far more serious.

To repeat, annual service and calibration is mandatory and vital to the safe operation of the FGA and under no circumstances is it worth the risk of using one outside of its calibration date: To help safeguard you from all the above risk, Anton’s policy is for all our analysers to prevent use of the safety critical FGA functions once the calibration due date has passed, i.e. you won’t be able to use the FGA functions of the analyser once the calibration due date has expired. The instrument gives you a warning message on the start-up screen when it’s within 1 month of its calibration due date, and the calibration due date is on the calibration label on the instrument and printed on every report you create, so you get plenty of warning to assist with making arrangements to get it serviced and calibrated.

We also have to replace consumable parts, such as oxygen and carbon monoxide sensors at routine intervals.  The annual calibration and service allow us to change the sensors at the appropriate time to ensure accurate readings.

What do I need to send back for calibration service?

The minimum we need to receive for service and calibration is the analyser itself; but if you think you are having any problems with readings or charging etc. then you can return your probe, charger and/or other accessories and these will be checked during the service of your instrument: It’s the same price to service whether we receive just the analyser or the accessories too, so there are benefits to sending the whole kit, but we appreciate that it’s a bigger parcel so it’s ultimately down to you what you decide to send us.

The most common fault with an analyser is caused by blocked or damaged flue probes, so if we calibrate the analyser only with our brand new flue probe then you may well still have a problem when it’s returned as the fault is with the probe that we haven’t seen: We would highly recommend you follow the Duty of Care policy found here paying particular attention to the probe tests. If your probe fails any aspect of those tests, then please return it with the instrument.

Why does my FGA lock out when its calibration is expired?

The British Standards BS:7967 and BS EN:50379 state that an FGA should only be used with a valid calibration status. The HHIC state in their guidance on using an FGA for the commissioning of newly installed appliances that this work should only be done with an FGA with an up to date calibration status.

To help safeguard you from the risk of using an out of calibration FGA, Anton have introduced a lock-out on their analysers after the calibration due date has passed: This is not for financial gain but out of necessity due to industry demand for us to be able to offer an average service charge, and to also protect both the engineer and your customers from the potential issues that could be caused by using an analyser that has an expired calibration date.

Anton require the analysers back on time each year so that the sensors in the instruments are running in harmony with the analyser calibration certificate date. This protects our customers from having a valid certificate on their analysers but sensors failing early causing inconvenience and extra charges.

The analysers do provide an on screen warning that calibration is due soon, this warning starts 30 days before the calibration certificate expires to provide adequate time for the engineer to make arrangements for annual calibration / service.

Where do I send my Anton FGA for service and calibration?

Please send to the address below along with your full contact details, ideally with a completed Service Request Form.

Anton Industrial Services Ltd
Unit 6 Greenhill House
26 Greenhill Crescent
Watford Business Park
WD18 8JA

Why does my FGA need an annual calibration?

Annual calibration ensures your analyser is reading accurately which is critical when setting up appliances. Your analyser contains sensors which need to be replaced at regular intervals so annual servicing ensures your instrument has working sensors. Any reports you create with an analyser that doesn’t have an up to date calibration will be invalid, which exposes you as the Gas Safe Registered engineer to all sorts of risk. More information on the importance of annual calibration can be found here.

What’s the cost?

From May 1st 2015 the charge for annual calibration and service of all Anton Sprint FGAs* has been fixed at £99.00 + VAT per annum. The only exception to this is at the end of the 6th year, when the major service is due which is £198.00 + VAT; reverting back to £99.00 + VAT per annum thereafter: Annual service fees exclude misuse and abuse and fair wear and tear on accessories. *Sprint 1000, 2000XT, V4 and V5 models excluded. Please enter your V or eVo serial number here for an indication of your next service cost. More details on our new fixed price annual servicing can be found here.

What is the overall cost of ownership over a 5 year period?

If you keep your instrument for 5 years (the warranty is valid for 5 years from manufacture if serviced annually), then it will cost you 4 x £99.00 + VAT for the 5 year period (the new instrument comes with a 12 month calibration certificate): So your cost of ownership over the 5 year warranty period is £396+VAT.

What do I need to send in?

We only need you to return your Sprint analyser for the calibration, but if you are having any problems with the readings etc., then firstly we would suggest you check your flue gas probe by following our Duty of Care procedure. If there appears to be a blockage or leak, then return your probe with your analyser and enclose your full contact details by completing our Service Request Form: Our Android based Sprint Mobile app also contains the Service Request Form.

How long does the calibration take?

Service turnaround time can vary but with the improvements we’ve made to our Service Department and the fixed price agreement it’s our aim to have instruments serviced and returned within 5-7 working days (Monday-Friday) from receipt of unit: However as we progress into this process we will endeavour to turnaround units in 5 working days.

What happens if I miss a service or I’m late sending it back for calibration?

You won’t be able to use your FGA outside of its calibration period, so the onus is on you to return it at the regular annual intervals. If you are late returning it we will service and calibrate the FGA to give it a new calibration date 12 months on from the last calibration due date i.e. if you're analyser is overdue calibration by 1 month when it's returned to us for service, it will receive an 11 month calibration certificate, 2 months late it will get a 10 month cert and so on. If you're late by a whole year then we reserve the right to charge for the calibration you missed, plus the one that is now due as the work still needed doing from the missed service.

Are there exceptions?

All Sprint eVo range instruments qualify for the fixed annual price service concept. The service at the end of the 6th year is £198 + VAT (see the question below). We are no longer able to service/calibrate Sprint V range models due to spares no longer being available for these instruments. We do offer a loyalty upgrade discount for existing Anton users who would like to upgrade to a new Pro model. If an eVo instrument has been abused or damaged, including signs of water ingress or is just plain worn out then additional charges may apply: We would always advise customers of any costs over and above the £99.00 + VAT service/calibration before any work is carried out.

Why is there an increased cost to service in year 6?

At this service interval both sensors typically need to be replaced so it’s more expensive in the 6th year. Many customers change their analysers in line with the 6th year warranty period, so the majority of customers would avoid this more expensive “major” service. For those who prefer to continue to service their instruments for 6 or more years, the good news is that the annual cost goes back to £99+VAT for 5 years after the 6th year service.

What is the warranty period and how does servicing affect this?

The Sprint V and Sprint eVo range both have a 5 year limited warranty on the analysers (02 & CO sensors, internal battery & pump have a 2 year warranty), provided the annual service regime is followed. We cannot guarantee an instrument that has not been routinely serviced and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. All other accessories such as bag, charger, flue probe, gas leak probe & printer have a 1 year warranty.

Where can I get my Sprint serviced?

You can return your FGA directly to Anton in Watford with a Service Request Form, drop it in to your preferred local merchant with a Service Request Form who will arrange to return it to us on your behalf, or you can use one of the Anton Approved Service Centres.

How do I know if a service centre is Anton approved?

Contact Anton on 01923 274730 or [email protected] and we can provide details of your nearest Approved Service Centre.

What happens during a service?

All service centres authorised to service the Anton Sprint and Sprint eVo are trained by the original manufacturer. The training involves following set procedures to strip down, clean and inspect the instrument fully. Repairs and cell changes are carried out, using parts supplied by the original manufacturer so as to maintain the instruments five year warranty and consistent operation until the next service due date. The calibration procedure includes fully testing all aspects of the instruments functions using the calibration software. Traceable reference gases and instruments are used to ensure accurate results. The instruments internal calibration date is set and a calibration certificate is created. The Anton Approved Service Centres are audited annually to ensure they operate to ISO:9001:2010 standard and the CoGDEM code of practice for service centres.

What should I be doing to ensure my FGA is in best possible working condition between annual services?

We have produced a Duty of Care document that tells you exactly how to look after your instrument. Definitely worth reading this if you are an Anton FGA user.

Prices or specification are subject to change without notice.
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